Largemouth Bass:

Bass fishing remains good to excellent with some some quality fish being caught on live Shad and reaction baits. Soft plastic jerkbaits like the C3 Baits Flukenstein in the Ghost color pattern Texas rigged with a 3/0 wide gap worm hook or nose hooked with a #2 Mosquito style hook have been accounting for numbers of Bass as well as some Big Stripers. Finesse plastics are also producing on main-lake rocky stretches and points. Roboworms and C3 Baits Slim Pros wacky rigged on a dropshot rig are getting lots of attention. For Roboworms, any of the purple hues or weenie colors will work, Natty Shad on the Slim Pro hands down.

Striped Bass: We’re starting to see a few “boils” here and there. The fish are still spread out, mostly on the main lake in the Fish Arm. Some of them are willing to bite just about any topwater lure or soft jerkbait while other schools are chasing 3/4″ micro Shad and are just about impossible to get to bite.


Bluegills continue to provide fast action in the shallow ends of coves like Dry Gulch, Utopia and Old SS around brushpiles and overhanging trees.                           A bobber and a red worm or meal worm will keep the rods bent. 

Lake Conditions:

Surface Temp 73 a.m. – 80 p.m.

Water Clarity – 10 to 20′ (except in Elizabeth Canyon 5′)

Lake Level: Full and Stable

Minor Algae Bloom

Lake Hours – Starting July 8th:

Open @ 6:00 am

Off Water @ 7:30 pm

Park Closes @ 8:00 pm

There is now mandatory possesion of a CA Boaters Card upon entry for anyone 60 or younger towing a boat.


Jim –