Largemouth Bass:

Bass fishing took an upswing this week as some quality fish were caught on live Shad and reaction baits. Without a doubt the Lucky Craft Pointer 78DD (deep diver) in the ghost minnow pattern was the hardbait of choice on the business end of my jerkbait rod. Long sweeps of the rod instead of a short stop and go retrieve was getting the attention of Bass to four pounds. Topwater presentations have yet to be effective although we are seeing more surface feeding, especially in the mornings. Finesse plastics are also producing some quality Bass on main-lake rocky stretches and points. The C3 Baits Slim Pro set up wacky rigged on a dropshot rig is as good as any. Natty Shad is the only color you will need.

Striped Bass: The Stripers are pretty much done spawning and we’re starting to see a few “boils” here and there. The fish are still spread out as I’ve witnessed some aggressive feeding in the first hour or two of the morning in the backs of coves in the Ski Arm as well as main-lake in the East end of the Fish Arm.


Bluegills continue to provide fast action in the shallow ends of coves around standing brushpiles and overhanging trees. Coves like Dry Gulch, Utopia and Old SS are as good as any. A bobber and a red worm or meal worm will keep the kids busy for hours. 


Lake Conditions:

Surface Temp 73 a.m. – 80 p.m.

Water Clarity – 10 to 20′ (except in Elizabeth Canyon 5′)

Lake Level: Full and Stable

Minor Algae Bloom

Lake Hours – Starting July 1st:

Open @ 6:00 am

Off Water @ 7:30 pm

Park Closes @ 8:00 pm

There is now mandatory possesion of a CA Boaters Card upon entry for anyone 60 or younger towing a boat.


Jim –