Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing is entering the Summer pattern where things start to become predictable and reliable. The fish are cruising the shoreline, chasing schools of Shad and Silverside minnows. To up your odds, keep changing spots to intercept the roaming “wolfpacks” of Bass. Any of the usual Castaic finesse baits such as Flukes, drop shot rigs, stick worms and small swimbaits fished in the two to ten foot zone will get bit. The best baits remain the C3 Baits Flukensteins and Kicker Sticks in the natural shad color and the C3 Shimmy in watermelon candy or neptune shad. Topwater action has gotten a little better, but hasn’t been real steady yet. That being said, live Shad are getting the bulk of the action with the fish blowing up on the flylined bait with aggression.

Striped Bass:

I recently witnessed a school of at least one hundred fish spawning in Old SS Cove. What may appear at first to be a feeding frenzy is actually the fish swirling the eggs and milt together, an oceanic event known as broadcast spawning. These fish are almost impossible to hook, even with live bait thrown into the middle of the school. Things should get better quickly and excellent Striper fishing will be upon us all!


Bluegills continue to bite well in the shallow ends of coves around standing brushpiles and overhanging trees. Coves like Dry Gulch, Utopia and Old SS are as good as any. A bobber and a red worm or meal worm will keep the kids busy for hours. 


Lake Conditions:

Surface Temp a.m. 72 a.m. – 79 p.m.

Water Clarity – 10 to 20′ (except in Elizabeth Canyon 3-5′)

Lake Level: Full and stable

Minimal algae bloom

Lake Hours – as of June 16th:

Open @ 6:00 am

Off Water @ 7:30 pm

Park Closes @ 8:00 pm

There is now mandatory possesion of a CA Boaters Card upon entry for anyone 60 or younger.


Jim –