Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing has been good to great for the majority of anglers this week. Drop shot rigs with C3 Baits Shimmy’s in the Watermelon Candy color and 4” straight tail Roboworms in Morning Dawn continue to dominate the catching. Anglers throwing 2.8 or 3.3 Keitech swimbaits in the Electric Shad color on small ball head jigs are also connecting with some nice fish. We are starting to see the bigger bass chasing baitfish in wolf packs of three to ten fish. Most of them are the same size and are averaging three pounds or better. Look for shore birds to locate the baitfish and the Bass. Elizabeth Canyon and the East end of the Fish Arm are good places to look.

Striped Bass:

The fish are done spawning and are chasing Shad back in Elizabeth Canyon and a few other areas. Trolling hasn’t been as productive as throwing weightless white Flukes and small Keitech swimbaits. Surface action should be right around the corner. Trolling should pick up if and when they start chasing baitfish in open water.

Rainbow Trout:

The good Trout fishing continues. Anglers are connecting with quality fish throwing small silver spoons off the dam and main-lake points. A lot of Trout are still being caught by Bass anglers on dropshot plastics and wacky rigged C3 Kicker Sticks or Senkos.

Lake Conditions:

Surface Temp a.m. 69-71

Water Clarity – 10 to 20′

Lake Level: Rising. Down about 22′

Lake Hours – Sunday April 28th to Saturday May 18th:

Open @ 6:00 am

Off Water @ 7:30 pm

Park Closes @ 8:00 pm

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