Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass remain in all three stages of the spawn depending on where you are on the lake. The Fish Arm has been seeing the most action along with the coves and cuts to the East of Kong Island in the Ski Arm. Rocky main-lake shorelines are producing most of the Smallmouth and incidental Trout catches, especially when a warm wind is blowing in on them. Dropshot and Carolina rigged finesse plastics fished in five to fifteen feet of water continue to dominate the bite for all species with the usual offerings working in the clearer water. Wacky rigged stick worms like the C3 Baits Slim Pro or 5″ Yamamoto Senko fished along the bluffs and points are getting the attention of some of the bigger Largemouth. 

Striped Bass:

Still not much of a cut bait bite at the buoy line at the end of the Ski Arm. The inflow of water from the forebay has subsided for now so hopefully this bite will materialize to full strength. The trolling bite is getting better as the Stripers finish up their own spawning period yet they remain spread out all over the lake and will require some determination and sonar skill to catch with any regularity. Umbrella rigs with a small swimbait, as well as trolling flies on four to five colors of lead core line is starting to produce some quality fish as well.

Inclement weather once again this week kept the lake from moving forward, with some days in the high 80’s and some in the high 50’s. A steady string of warm days and nights will do wonders for this lake in my opinion. The lake was closed today for high winds, so always call ahead if the weather is sketchy.

Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 5 to 15′

Zero Debris

Lake level: Down about 25 – 30′

Lake Hours – Sunday April 28th to Saturday May 18th

Open @ 6:00 am

Off water @ 7:00 pm

Park Closes @ 7:30 pm

Jim –