Castaic Lake Report 11-18-2023

As the water gods continue to lower the lake, the Fall turnover has been accelerated resulting in poor fishing for all species. The water level is down around twenty feet and continuing to drop. They will normally let it down to forty feet or so below full pool to make room for the Winter and Spring run-off. The effect it has on the food chain is drastic. As the warmer surface layer of water sinks, it displaces the colder layer below and they exchange places in the water column. The warmer layer has the food chain with it. The zooplankton, algae, baitfish and predator fish follow the warm water as deep as it sinks. Sometimes up to a hundred feet or more. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass usually stop around forty feet as their swim bladders don’t function well any deeper. Striped Bass, Shad and Silverside Minnows will follow the food chain to the bottom, however deep that is in a given area.

Looking forward, the state should be stocking Trout as the water temp is now within their preferred range. Fortunately we have clear water this year compared to last year and the swimbait season for big Stripers is looking very promising. As soon as the water level stabilizes there should be an excellent cut bait bite for school-sized Striped Bass around the buoy line at the end of the Ski Arm.

As far as Largemouth Bass go, there is a lot of new rock structure for them to spend the Winter on. If you are good with your sonar and put the time in you should be able to find these new spots and catch some of the fat, football shaped Bass Castaic is known for. Football head jigs, Texas rigged worms and dropshots should all be good techniques.

Stay tuned as 2024 looks very promising for the Castaic angling community!

Jim –