Castaic Lake Report 10-28-2023

The Upper Lake has reopened as of Friday morning. I was there to check it out and found myself as the only boat on the water for a few hours. The algae is mostly gone. They dropped the water about five feet which left a lot of it up on the shoreline. The wind has sunk and dispersed most of what was left. There is still a no water contact rule which will keep the skiers away as well as a fish eating warning, for now.

General Fishing for all species:

Although the lake has been closed for ten days, it looks like fishing is pretty much the same as it was two weeks ago. With the lake dropping five feet or so there are aquatic weed beds that are now exposed in the shallows around most of the lake. The sun is getting to them with the clearer water, providing a lot of cover for the massive amounts of Threadfin Shad and Silverside minnows. This will keep most of the action near the shoreline which will be a welcome change from when the baitfish and predator fish were spread out all over the lake. The Stripers were “boiling” on the surface yesterday morning around the mouth of Hawk’s Nest cove and they are big and strong! C3 Baits Flukensteins and Lucky Craft Sammy 100’s will get bit as good as anything. 

Unfortunately, high winds have closed the lake today and the forecast of North to Northeast winds up to 30 mph in the next few days will definitly keep it closed. I still believe there are many good days left in the season as there are huge amounts of weeds and baitfish up shallow.

Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 5′to 10′ in most areas – Minor Algae Bloom, mostly main lake

Surface Temp – 67 a.m. – 70 p.m. 

Park Hours Starting this Sunday 10/29:  Open @ 7:15 – Close @ 6:00

Off The Water is 5:30

Jim –