Overall, fishing at Castaic Lake is finally starting to emerge from the Winter doldrums and is worth putting in the time for all species. Obviously, there has been a considerable amount of rain this year keeping most anglers off the water. We are starting to see some better days between storms and improving lake conditions overall. Water temps are hovering around 58 degrees and the water clarity is pretty decent as well. 

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Lately there has been some Bass in shallower water, ten to fifteen feet, around main-lake points and transition areas between points and bluffs. The Smallmouth are reacting to drop shot finesse plastics, especially the C3 Baits Ice Pick, a staple at Castaic this time of year. Good colors to try are Oxblood Red and Green Pumpkin. The Largemouth have been hitting medium and deep-diving crankbaits in Shad patterns on the better days. As always, a red crankbait can produce a giant this time of year. Texas rigged stick worms like the C3 Baits Slim Pro or Yamamoto Senko will get a few grabs as well. Good colors have been Natural Shad and Green Pumpkin. Target bluff walls and transition zones near the main lake. The morning bite seems to be the way to go lately.

Striped Bass:

Not a lot of anglers targeting Stripers as the cut bait bite has yet to materialize. Most Stripers are being caught by Trout fishermen on nightcrawlers. The trolling bite is slowly coming on with a handful of fish being caught on umbrella rigs with a small swimbait on the business end. Lead core line will get you down to the twenty five foot zone where most of the active fish are. 

Rainbow Trout:

There hasn’t been a lot of Trout plants this year but the fish that have been put in are bigger than the average DFW “stockers” we’re used to. Recent plants have gone in at the West Ramp and have been sizeable in quantity and quality. The Trout have evaded being foraged on by the bigger Stripers for the most part and have been caught in other areas of the lake as they slowly spread out. Main-lake points in the Ski Arm and the areas adjacent to the West Ramp are good places to start your search. Typical dough baits and nightcrawlers are working along with KastMasters, Thomas Bouyants and small jerkbaits.

Jim – www.661Fishing.com