Castaic Lake Report 11-04-2023

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

High winds kept the lake closed most of the first part of the week. When it settled down good fishing resumed until the lake managers decided to bluestone (Copper Sulfate weed and algae treatment) the lake mid-week. This affects the shallow water and pushes the gamefish to the deeper, cleaner water. Fish that were up eating baitfish in the shoreline weeds were backed out to the ten to twenty foot zone. There are still massive schools of Silverside minnows and Shad up shallow and the great fishing we’ve experienced recently should return by the beginning of the week.

Striped Bass:

The schools of Stripers that were in the shallows boiling on baitfish have backed off to deeper, oxygenated water. Schools of fish are in the twenty to forty foot zone providing a decent bite for trollers utilizing the Flycoring technique or Alabama rigs. The area around Kong Island in the Ski Arm and the stretch between Hawk’s Nest and Trout Point in the Fish Arm are good places to drop the lines and start the search. Vertically jigging spoons has accounted for a few bites for those anglers with savvy sonar skills. There has been a small window of surface action to the right of Center Point in the first thirty to sixty minutes of the morning, but most anglers are subject to watching this as they are in line or launching their boat. I expect the fish to return to the shallows as the forecast is for stable warm weather.

Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 5′to 10′ in most areas – Minor Algae Bloom, mostly main lake

Surface Temp – 64 a.m. – 67 p.m. 

Park Hours Starting this Sunday 11/05:  Open @ 6:15 – Close @ 5:00 (Daylight Savings Time)

Off The Water is 4:30

Jim –