Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Another hit and miss week of inclement weather and lake closures kept this lake from reaching its normal springtime pattern of great fishing. When anglers did find a decent day and an open lake, bass fishing was good with mostly smaller males hitting the usual finesse baits on dropshot, small darthead or ballhead jigs and Carolina rigs. Go-to baits have been the C3 Ice Picks and Shimmy’s in the watermelon or oxblood hues, and 4” straight tail Roboworms in morning dawn and hologram shad patterns. Light line has been a must as the water continues to clear with up to twenty feet of water clarity in some areas. Some big fish to seven pounds have been caught and we should see an increase in general size as soon as we get some stable weather.


Striped Bass:

Not much of a change here as the fish continue to be spread out all over the lake. Trolling with umbrella rigs and a small swimbait, as well as trolling flies on four to five colors of lead core line will generate some bites, but you will have to put in some time. Vertically jigging 3/4 ounce white or chrome spoons will get you bit in fifty feet of water around main lake points if you have some sonar skill and can stay with the fish.

Rainbow Trout:

Probably the best fishing action right now. Two huge plants of quality fish in the one to three pound range have gone in recently, one at the West Ramp and one yesterday at the main ramp for the kids fishing day. The usual dough baits and worms will work along with small chrome or gold lures like the Kastmaster, Thomas Buoyant and Super Duper.

Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 10 to 20′

Zero Debris

Lake Level: Down about 25′

Lake Hours – Sunday April 28th to Saturday May 18th

Open @ 6:00 am

Off Water @ 7:00 pm

Park Closes @ 7:30 pm

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