Castaic Lake Report 10-30-2022

Largemouth Bass:

Santa Ana winds early in the week kept the Fish Arm of the lake stirred up and pretty much out of play due to poor water visibility. The Ski Arm had cleaner water and we focused our attention on the rocky areas leading out of the coves into the main lake. The Fall transition still has the Bass scattered everywhere from five to thirty feet deep, making them hard to target. If you keep moving from spot to spot you will eventually intercept them as they roam the lake chasing the schools of Shad. There are still some Silverside minnows in the backs of a few coves providing live bait fishing for now. Dropshot and Carolina rigs dominate the finesse game with Yamamoto Hula Grubs, Fat Ika’s and finesse sized jigs getting some play from the anglers wanting a different approach. 

Striped Bass:

Surface boils are scarce but still happening as schools of Stripers in the two to six pound range chase the transitioning Shad schools. The East end of the Fish Arm is a good place to look, but the action here changes daily depending on which way the wind blows. There is also a decent bait bite at the buoy line at the end of the Ski Arm, where a few larger fish as well as one to three pound schoolies can be found. The bite seems to better when they are not letting water in, as the inflow seems to draw the fish up into the current and out of the reach of anglers. 

Water conditions:

Surface temp 69 to 71 degrees

Water clarity 3′ to 10′ in most areas

Jim –