Castaic Lake Report 09-25-2022

Largemouth Bass:

The lake cleaned up nicely after a series of fierce weather events last week. The wind distributed the bulk of the debris around the shoreline then the lake staff dropped the water a couple of feet leaving it high and dry for now. Water clarity suffered a little but a bout of high pressure over the weekend and diminished boat traffic has it almost back to pre-storm clarity.  Fishing with live Shad and the arrival of Glass Minnows (Silversides) continues to put big numbers of Largemouth Bass and the occasional Striper in the net. Topwater baits like Lucky Craft Gunfish 100’s, small Zoom Flukes, Dropshots and Carolina rigs are also getting bit with increased regularity. The fish have moved into and around the flooded weeds and plants in the backs of coves and are willing to bite a 2.8 Keitech swimbait on a light jighead presented over the top of the submerged weeds making for some awesome strikes. Some bigger fish to seven pounds are starting to show up as the water cools into the mid 70’s.

Striped Bass:

Surface action on the one to three pound “schoolies” along with the return of some bigger fish in the double-digit catergory is getting better by the day. They are hammering Shad schools in big numbers, drawing the bigger fish out of the main lake and into the mouths of the coves. Small walking baits and poppers with a feathered treble on the rear along with the Fluke/water bubble rig continue to be among the best presentations. The Eastern coves in the Fish Arm and the shoreline and coves around Kong Island have been the better areas. Trolling should be making a triumphant return in the coming weeks as the water continues to cool.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 75 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 10′ in most areas

Jim –