Castaic Lake Report 08-21-2022


Largemouth Bass:

Another excellent week of Bass fishing utilizing live Shad for bait. Bass averaging one to three pounds, with a few pushing five pounds, have been hammering the fly-lined Shad almost as soon as they hit the water. Anglers are experiencing fifteen to twenty five fish on the average five hour half day.The bite on artificials has slowed down as the fish leave the structure and roam the coves looking for Shad schools. Dropshot and Carolina rigs will still get bites dragged around the deeper rock edges and main-lake points. The best bet is to keep moving until you intercept the feeding schools of fish. C3 Baits Ice Picks and 3.3 Keitech swimbaits on a light ball head jig will get you a few bites if you’re around feeding fish.

Striped Bass:

The bigger fish remain in deeper water with the larger Shad but we are starting to see more of them come shallow. There have been a few surface boils of these bigger fish, but as of now they are still hard to find. Trolling Yak Flies and KastMasters is starting to get some attention as well, as some of the fish move into the upper water column. The bait bite on Schoolie sized Stripers is better on the days when there isn’t any water coming in from the forebay. The current seems to draw them up past the buoy line and out of reach of anglers.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 78 – 81 degrees

Water clarity 10′ to 15′ in most areas

Minor algae bloom 

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