Castaic Lake Report 07-02-2023

Largemouth Bass:

A major heat wave with temps pushing 100 degrees was a welcome sign for recreational boaters going into the holiday weekend. The bulk of the food chain still remains in the ten to twenty foot zone where there is plenty of trees and bushes to go along with the newly uncovered rocks and ledges. The fish feel safe here and can feed easily in the shadows. Hopefully the heat will bring an algae bloom that will blow into the coves and the bait fish will follow. C3 Baits Slim Pros and Senko variations are getting a fair amount of bites from the smaller Bass with dropshot and Ned rigs getting some play as well. Patience continues to be the best color.

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are done spawning and are starting to respond to reaction baits like jerkbaits and small swimbaits. One to two pound fish dominate the counts with a few bigger models making an appearance here and there. Trolling and topwater techniques haven’t been very productive as the bulk of the fish remain spread out around the lake and throughout the water column.


Lake Conditions:

Water clarity – 5 to 10′ in most areas

Surface temp – 72 to 75 degrees  

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