Castaic Lake Report 06-25-2023

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

The recent weeks of cool air temps and dark skies have finally given way to some sunshine and 8o degree days. As water temps creep up into the 70’s, the bulk of the food chain still remains in the ten to twenty foot zone. Wacky-rigged stick worms like the C3 Baits Slim Pro and Senko variations are getting a fair amount of bites from Bass in the one to two pound range. Dropshot and Ned rigs are getting some play as well. The Bass are spread out around the lake relating to the deep, flooded trees and bushes where the small bait fish feel safest. Once this deep cover dies off, any significant algae bloom will blow into the backs of the coves bringing the food chain with it. Until then it will be continue to be patience that is the best technique.

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are pretty much done spawning and are starting to chase Shad up into shallower water. Most of them are the smaller one to two pound fish with an occasional three to five pounder showing up. Trolling hasn’t been very effective as of yet, as the bulk of the fish are along the deeper shorelines. Surface action has been sporadic at best, but should come on strong once the Shad move back into shallow water for good.


Lake Conditions:

Water clarity – 5 to 10′ in most areas

Surface temp – 69 to 72 degrees  

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