Largemouth Bass:

A weird week of weather moved most of the shallow pre-spawners back to the first dropoffs and points in the fifteen to twenty foot range. High winds blew a lot of debris into the lake and it’s all in the Fish Arm making it’s way back into Elizabeth Canyon. The lake is extremely stained in this area yet the dirty water has accumulated a lot of baitfish and Bass including most of the Stripers. The fish in this area can be shallow, in less than five feet of water. Underspins and brightly colored worms have been getting some nice fish as well as 3.3 Keitech Fat Swing Impact swimbaits on a light jighead. In the Ski Arm the water is extremely clear and Neptune Shad C3 Shimmys on a light line Carolina rig has dominated in the fifteen to twenty foot zone. It’s like fishing two different lakes right now. Hopefully the forecasted temps reaching the low 90’s this week will clarify some of the water in the Fish Arm.

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are still spread out all over the lake. Trolling pearl white Zoom Flukes with lead core line in the twenty to forty foot zone is getting a few fish to seven pounds but it’s been hit and miss. The most consistent bite has been bait fishing in ten to sixty feet of water. Sardines rule the bite as the fish are using their sense of smell to feed. The area just before Elizabeth Canyon adjacent to the floating restroom has a lot of fish in all sizes. 

Lagoon: Report courtesy of Mike Staudt @bass_raider – a 661 Fishing contributor

Fish were moving up shallow until the cold front and rain early in the week pushed them out a little deeper. Quality sized bass are sitting outside the shallows, but there are fish on beds too. The drop shot has been the best technique and the water is clear and starting to grow weeds. The bite here is set to explode as soon as we get a string of stable days.

Water conditions:

Surface temp – both lakes: 57 degrees

Water temp at 20′ is 55 degrees

Good clarity to twenty feet in the Ski Arm and only about a foot in the Eastern half of the Fish Arm

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