Castaic Lake Report 01-07-2023

Largemouth Bass:

The Good news is that the lake level has come up about fifteen feet and continues to rise. The bad news is that there is still a lot of debris floating around despite the lifegaurd’s efforts to bring in the bigger wood. The rise in water has also turned the lake to an almost muddy colo,r with visibility of only a foot or so. Most anglers are heading up the road to Pyramid lake for now, until conditions improve in the coming weeks.

Striped Bass:

Another series of Trout plants went in during the week but as of yet, the bigger fish are still hanging in the deeper water around the main basin/marina area. This is most likely due to the Trout seeking the cooler water as the surface is still hovering around fifty six degrees. The swimbait bite should return in full strength once the water clears up and the bigger Stripers start looking towards the surface for Trout.

The bait bite at the forebay buoy line has been pretty much been shut down with the bad water clarity and the heavy inflow. Most anglers are heading to Pyramid Lake for now.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 56 degrees

Water clarity 1′ to 3′

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