Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing is trending towards the fall transition as the schools of open water fish are starting to move into the bigger coves  and creek arms. There continues to be good action on surface poppers and fly-lined Flukes early and late but “matching the hatch” on the small Shad and Silverside Minnows is proving frustrating for most anglers. A better pattern seems to be the dropshot and Ned rig in deeper water off main lake points and bluff walls. We have started fishing live Shad again and the bite is instant and continuous throughout the day.

Striped Bass:

There has been some boils in the first and last hour of the day beyond the forebay buoy line. Instead of the usual topwater lures we are using 1 ounce Krocodile spoons to have a chance at reaching the schooling fish. Once the wind blows there has been some sporadic boils against the West shoreline as the Santa Ana winds have moved the algae, plankton and baitfish from East to West. The bite should get better as we return to the usual SW winds next week. We have been doing really well trolling with Producer Flies and 661 KastMasters in the same area. Lead core line and a slow troll is the key to getting the quality bites as most of the action has been 20-30′ deep.

Castaic Afterbay:

No Report

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

15′ visibility.

Mainly clear. Light algae.

Water Level:

Down 18 feet

Jim – 661 Fishing