Castaic Lake Report 10-14-2023

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

Heavy North winds closed the lake on Wednesday and most of Thursday. Prior to that the Bass were pretty active on main lake points and rocky shorelines in the ten foot zone. Wacky-rigged Senko’s in the Natural Shad pattern along with a 2.8 Electric Shad Keitech Fat Swing Impact or Easy Shiner on a dropshot rig continue to be effective. There has been some topwater action in the mornings and the afternoon as well. Most of these Bass are mixed in with the Striped Bass. Lucky Craft Sammy 100’s continue to produce as well as pearl white Zoom Flukes rigged weightless or on a light jighead.

Striped Bass:

Prior to the lake shutdowns mid-week, the Striper schools were blowing up all over the lake with multiple stops producing fish from three to five pounds. Both arms of the lake were holding fish with the only notable exceptions being the Forebay buoy line and West side of the Ski Arm. Just about any common topwater lure will get bites when thrown into the white water of feeding fish, but the Lucky Craft Sammy will get fish to come up when they are not on the surface.

Tip: Use heavier monofilament main line, or leader of ten to fifteen pound test if using braid. This will keep your topwater lure on the surface and it will have better action. Florocarbon or straight braid tends to sink the head of the lure and diminish it’s effectiveness, especially on walking or popper style baits.


Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 5′ in most areas – Minor Algae Bloom

Surface Temp – 68 a.m. – 72 p.m. 

Lake Hours Starting this Sunday 10/15: 

Park Opens @ 7:00 – Closes @ 6:15- Off The Water is 5:45!

Jim –