Castaic Lake Report 10-08-2023

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

As the Fall transition continues, the Bass are becoming more active in the shallower depth zones were anglers can find them a little easier. Main lake points and rocky shorelines are a good place to start the hunt in the ten foot zone. Fishing the water color change of the first drop off leading into deeper water has been productive. Wacky-rigged four and five inch Senko’s in the Natural Shad pattern along with a 2.8 Electric Shad Keitech Fat Swing Impact or Easy Shiner on a dropshot rig have been getting the attention of one to three pound Bass. There has been a few larger fish to eight pounds caught recently by those anglers putting in their time and moving around. The North side of the Fish Arm is coming back to life around the Fire Break area.

Striped Bass:

The Striper boils that were very consistent and dependable for the last month or so completely dissapeared mid-week with the onset of high Santa Ana winds and air temps pushing 100. The normal Southwest winds were reversed to Northeast winds that sunk most of the algae bloom and cooled the surface temp of the water five degrees. Now that the usual winds have returned, look for the surface bite to “resurface” over the weekend. Prior to the conditions changing, two to four pounders were  hitting topwater lures with abandon in the mornings and afternoons. The area between Old SS cove and Elizabeth Canyon is holding fish, on both the North and South side of the Fish Arm. In the Ski Arm, the mouths of the coves adjacent to Kong Island are a good place to look. Big live Shad are getting smashed during the day if you know where to find them.

Lake Conditions:

Water Clarity – 5′ in most areas – Minor Algae Bloom

Surface Temp – 68 a.m. – 72 p.m. 

Lake Hours Starting this Sunday 10/08:  Open @ 6:45 – Close @ 6:30

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