Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Consistent Bass fishing was on tap for anglers hitting the lake early and late in the day. Topwater poppers, tiny Flukes and small swimbaits are getting bites around the shade lines. Main lake points and bluffs in the Ski Arm and Elizabeth Canyon are good areas to try. There are also fish offshore chasing small Shad and Silverside minnows over deep water. Once the sun gets on the water, finesse plastics are pretty much the best option with the dropshot getting the nod as it is the best rig in keeping moss off the worm.

Striped Bass:

Stripers were hit and miss this week, with some days better than others. Glassy conditions mid-week saw the bite slow significantly. Windy days are better as the fish feed actively in these conditions, sometimes throughout the day. Producer flies, KastMasters and the Fluke/Scrounger head combo are getting grabs trolling at 15′ to 25′ when the fish aren’t busting the surface. The best  area continues to be the deeper water from Kong Island to Necktie Canyon, with the fish pretty much spread out all over the middle of the Ski Arm and up to the forebay buoy line on certain days. There has also been some surface action in the West end of the Fish Arm during the first hour or so of the morning.

Castaic Afterbay:

Bass fishing remains solid for the few anglers fishing finesse plastics on light line. Deep weed edges and drop-offs continue to be the best areas and the C3 Baits Shimmy in Neptune Shad has proven itself as the go-to bait all season long. Football jigs and HuddleBugs are producing quality bites for those anglers willing to slow down and fish deeper. Bluegill are biting around the weed beds on meal worms and red worms. The best chance of a truly large Bass remains fishing off the East shore at night.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

15′ visibility.

Mainly clear. 

Water Level:

Down 8 feet

Jim – 661 Fishing