Castaic Lake Report 09-04-2022

Largemouth Bass:

Despite wildfires and road closures late in the week, Bass fishing for both numbers and size continues to march on during the late Summer. Live Shad continues to dominate all other techniques combined as the bulk of the fish are roaming the coves looking for the abundant Shad schools. Fifteen to twenty fish per angler is common in a morning half day outing. Dropshot and Carolina rigs are still getting bit for anglers sticking it out in the triple digit heat. The best areas continue to be the coves where fish are visually feeding. The bigger coves on East side of the Ski Arm and the East side of the Fish Arm have been the better areas. Look for shorelines that have wind blowing into them as that is where the bulk of the bait fish and Bass are.  

Striped Bass:

The bigger fish have slowly began to head to shallower water. Surface boils of these bigger fish have been spotted although the boils turn to a simmer real quick. We have caught a few pushing twelve pounds while Bass fishing with the live Shad but we’re still not targeting them as of yet, while we focus our attention on the awesome Bass fishing. Lots of action on the two pound “schoolies” as they are boiling on Shad schools in the bigger coves when the wind blows. The afternoon seems to be the best time.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 78 – 81 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Minor algae bloom 

Jim –