Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing continues it’s Summer pattern, with big wolf packs of fish chasing Shad early and late in the day. Pearl white Flukes and walking baits like the Luckycraft Sammy 100 are getting lots of love from mostly Largemouth up to five pounds. We are still able to get as many live Shad as we need every day and the bite is quick and exciting with surface blow-ups on almost every cast. 

Striped Bass:

Huge schools of quality fish to seven pounds were on the surface early in the week but the bite fizzled a bit towards the weekend with cooler daytime temps and increased angling pressure. The fish have been mostly on the other side of the forebay buoy line just out of the reach of patient anglers. The trolling bite is improving as we circle the areas we find the quick boils. Green over white Producer flies have been the best pattern for fish from five to seven pounds. Most of the trolling action is in 20 – 30 feet of water.

Castaic Afterbay:

Not much of a change as most anglers have switched to the main lake for Stripers. The deep edge of the grass beds and swim beach have been good areas to target. C3 Baits Shimmy’s in the Neptune Shad color will  put a few quality fish in the net. Bluegill continue to bite mini jigs and meal worms in the weeds.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

78° – 80°

Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

15′ visibility.

Mainly clear. Light Algae bloom

Water Level:

Full and steady

Jim – 661 Fishing