Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Bass fishing remains consistent for both numbers and size. While the lake continues it’s drawdown to 150 feet, rocky points and bluffs are still the main targets. Don’t keep fishing the same areas as you were weeks before, as many spots dry up and new ones emerge. The good news is we’re almost below the old drought line which means most of the sticks and bushes are high and dry. 5″ wacky-rigged Senkos in green pumpkin, along with dropshot rigs and light-line Carolina rigs continue to be the go-to techniques. We are fishing the Senko right up on the rocks early, then switching over to the dropshot when the sun starts to get high and the fish pull off the bank. Topwater fishing is improving, with poppers, buzzbaits and Zara Spooks all getting some quality bites. Netting Shad for bait is available although most of it is too small to fish effectively at this time. I am expecting a great Fall fishing season once the lake level stabilizes.

Striped Bass:

Striper fishing remains solid with Yak flies and Shad flies employed with the fly-coring technique, as well as umbrella rigs and small swimbaits trolled slowly in the twenty to fifty foot depth zone. The points in the Fish Arm, Center Point, and the area around the island in the Ski Arm are all holding fish of all sizes. Huge schools of 10″ Stripers are just about everywhere on the lake smashing the small baitfish, but very few of the bigger models are showing up on the surface as the Shad remain deep with the falling water.

Castaic Afterbay:

Fishing the outer weed edge in 20 to 25 feet of water along the Eastern shore, as well as the rocky stretch along the dam on the South end with the C3 Baits Shimmy’s in Neptune Shad, continues to be the most effective way to get quality bites. Senko’s thrown into the open weed pockets are also getting a few grabs early. Topwater action with white flukes and buzzbaits cast around the inside weed edges will get a few bites, but the deep weedbeds in the twenty foot zone seem to be holding the better fish.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Clarity:

5′ to 15′ visibility. clear to lightly stained.

Water Level:

Down 105′ and falling steadily

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