Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Good to excellent Bass fishing, a completely full lake, smaller crowds and decent weather were on tap for anglers this week. The bigger fish are showing in better numbers, especially with the big live Shad we’re using for bait. The finesse plastics bite is going strong as well. C3 Baits Shimmys fished on a Carolina Rig with light line, usually 6lb test, has been the top producer. Productive colors are the mainstays, Neptune Shad and Watermelon Candy. Green Pumpkin colored Ned rigs fished deeper on points and bluffs are producing lots of bites as well as connecting with the better grade of Smallmouth Bass. 

Striped Bass:

The smaller schools of fish are around yet sometimes hard to locate as they follow the Shad in and out of the bigger creek arms and coves. A few bigger fish are being caught on live Shad but remain elusive to most other techniques. Trolling with the fly-coring/Producer Fly technique is the best way to cover water and find the smaller one to two pound fish with the occasional bigger Striper showing up for those putting in the time. 

Castaic Afterbay:

Bass and Bluegill fishing is still going strong here with the Carolina rig, Ned rig and Senko catching most of the fish. Lighter line will get you more bites here as the water is clear. Bluegill are abundant and can be caught on meal worms or red worms fished under a bobber or as a trailer on a small mini jig.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

72° – 77°

Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

10′ – 20′ visibility.

Mainly clear

Water Level:

Full Pool 

Jim – 661 Fishing