Largemouth Bass:

Winds during the week kept most anglers off the water. Previous to that the rain storm that dumped quite a bit of rain in a short time on Saturday stained the water brown in most areas of the lake. Water temps are holding at 54 with a bottom temp of 50 at the 30′ depth. The majority of the Bass are holding on main-lake points, steeper bluffs and cuts in the 30′ depth zone. Finesse techniques are producing some really nice 2 to 4 pound “chunks”. Crankbaits were also a good option in the off-colored water, with red & orange crawdad colored medium divers getting some attention in the morning. The splitshot and dropshot rigs with smaller finesse baits are also getting bites. We like Purple Smoke RoboWorms and Neptune Shad or Scuppernong C3 Baits Ice Picks and Shimmys.

Striped Bass:

Still hit and miss but more “miss” with the stained water. Some high pressure days should help clarify the water and bring the trolling bite back to “decent”. We will back out this week as this bite should only improve as the days and weeks go by.

Castaic Afterbay:

No Report.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 30′:


Water Clarity:

5′ – 15′ visibility. Stained

Water Level:

30’+ down 

Jim – 661 Fishing