Largemouth Bass:

Another week of high winds made getting out difficult. Largemouth continue to be scattered with the few bites being had in the twenty to forty foot range. Mornings are the best time to get a few quality bites with finesse plastics on light-line Carolina rigs and small straight tail worms being the mainstay for now. The lake level continues to rise, with water being released from the forebay on most days. 

Striped Bass:

Stripers of all sizes continue to be found in the Ski Arm and the back of the Fish arm, anywhere from ten to fifty feet deep. Trolling pearl white Zoom Flukes rigged on a small ballhead jig on six colors of leadcore line continues to be the best presentation, as the Stripers are mostly on a reaction bite when they’re not feeding. Larger KastMasters have gotten a few bites as well.


This Lagoon report is by Mike Staudt – Instagram @bass_raider who is a 661 Fishing contributor.

Big baits balls are moving around the shalllows and deep side of the lake. You’ll see the birds following them all over and coming up with bait fish. Bass are wandering around all depths, some in decent schools and some in small packs. Boats are hammering the deep schools of bass and crappie throughout the day, but if you spend the time to search and fish shallow you are definitely rewarded with some quality bass that aren’t blown up with air, making them easy to release!

Water conditions:

Surface temp 53 degrees

Good clarity to ten feet plus in most areas.

Debris still an issue after strong winds.

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