Largemouth Bass:

As we enter the coldest time of the year, cooling water and air temps tend to have a negative effect on Bass. But there is still good fishing to be had if you make the proper adjustments. After the exciting action of Summer and Fall fades away, it’s sometimes hard to fish deeper, slow down our presentations and cast to structure we can’t see. The activity periods of the fish are shorter so being on the water at the right time is also necessary to having a good day. Some of the best techniques are 3/8 or 1/2 oz. football head jigs in green pumpkin, brown or black variations. Texas or Carolina rigged worms are also a staple. When fish are active, vertical jigging with Krocodiles, Kastmasters and Rapala ice jigs can load the boat in a hurry. Deep running jerkbaits are also a proven Winter-time technique. Tournament anglers and savvy fishermen know this can be one of the best times to be out on the lake. Bigger fish, little to no angling pressure and an advanced learning curve should be all of the encouragement you need to get off the couch and hook up the boat. See you out on the water!

Striped Bass:

Despite a 1000lb. stocking this week, the bigger Striped Bass haven’t shown up in any numbers yet. There have been some nice fish caught however. I watched a swimbait fisherman catch a 22 pounder off the dam Wednesday morning. Our proven technique of trolling big Trout-imitating swimbaits is our mainstay attack as we head into the winter months. This is true trophy fishing, rough weather and big fish.

The bulk of the smaller Stripers are still in deep water around 80′. Vertical jigging with 1 oz. to 1-1/2 oz. Krocodiles and Kastmasters, as well as deep-water trolling with umbrella rigs or Kastmasters are the best approach right now. There is  probably a decent bait bite but that’s not something I target.

Castaic Afterbay: 

No report. 

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 25′:


Water Clarity:

20′ visibility. Clear 

Water Level:

25′ down  

Jim – 661 Fishing