Largemouth Bass:

Fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth with live Shad and Glass Minnows has been our mainstay attack for the past two months. We have caught some really big six and seven pound bass and have lost a few that were bigger. We are using light line and dropshot style rods to “flyline” the live bait. As Winter stares us in the face, despite the Summer-like weather recently, this bite and Bass fishing as a whole is dwindling as we speak. The shorter days, cooler nights and dropping lake level are draining the shallow, brush-filled “pockets” and sending the baitfish out to deep water for the winter. I would say we have another ten days or so of what has been an awesome bite for Castaic’s burgeoning Bass population. The future of this fishery is brighter than ever in my opinion.

Striped Bass:

The big schools of Stripers are showing in deeper water from 80′ to 120′, most likely focused on the jumbo four to five inch shad that are laying close to the bottom. Vertical jigging with heavy Krocodiles and KastMasters will be our focus as well as deep-water trolling with down-riggers and small swimbaits. The first trout plant of the year was three days ago so hopefully the State will put in the mandated amount of hatchery Rainbows. The lake conditions are setting up nicely for a Winter and Spring showdown with the lake’s trophy class Stripers.

Castaic Afterbay: 

No report. We will be fishing here soon, as the weeds are starting to die off.

Jim – 661 Fishing

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

63° – 65°

Water Temp Bottom:


Water Clarity:

15′ – 20′ visibility. Clear

Light algae bloom. Dissipating. 

Water Level:

15′ down and falling