Largemouth Bass:

The lake was plagued by high winds for the last two days resulting in closures. Before the wind we had wide-open fishing using live shad for bait. Largemouth and Smallmouth averaging 2-3 pounds were caught in great numbers. We are using light line and dropshot style rods to flyline the shad. The bass are super fat and strong making for an excellent angling experience for our clients. We hope to get back on the water towards the beginning of the week and resume the best fishing of the year.

Striped Bass:

The Striped Bass fishing took a downward turn early in the week as a result of the heavy algae bloom and full moon. Now that the water conditions have improved we look for the typical Fall techniques to come in to play. Vertical jigging, topwater and live shad should be putting quality fish in the boat once we can get back out on the lake.

Castaic Afterbay: 

No report.

Jim – 661 Fishing

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

64° – 68°

Water Temp Bottom:


Water Clarity:

10′ – 15′ visibility. Green

Light to medium algae bloom

Water Level:

8′ down and steady