Castaic Lake Fishing

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing picked up a little this week as the fish are becoming more active with the rise in water temp, the passing of the full moon and the abundance of spawning silverside minnows . Our go-to rig remains the finesse Carolina rig with a reaper style bait or a dropshot with a C3 Baits Shimmy. Watermelon and purple color schemes are getting bit with regularity. Our best depth has been 10-30′ on main lake and secondary points. The water clarity is twenty feet plus with medium amounts of algae bloom in certain areas. Water temps were on the rise this week, up from 75 to 79 and the lake remains at full pool. Fishing jerkbaits like the Lucky Craft Pointer 78 in Ghost Shad or Aurora Black patterns on windy points has been effective in the afternoon. There is a small window of topwater action first thing in the morning with small popping baits being most effective.

Striped Bass:

Striper fishing continues to improve. Sporadic boils continue on main lake points and open water with the Stripers keying on the small Silverside minnows. The Lucky Craft Gunfish and small popping baits in shad patterns are getting the most attention. The fish are coming up at different times of the day and as of yet, haven’t settled into a solid pattern. When we don’t see fish on the surface our best approach has been trolling with our Producer Fly / Fly Core rigs in 10-30′ of water. We are also getting bit on 1oz. custom 661 KastMasters and pearl white Zoom Flukes rigged on a Kietech tungsten ball-head jig.

Castaic Afterbay:

The lagoon continues it’s good fishing pattern with the morning being the best window of opportunity. Quality bass are being caught on the finesse Carolina Rig / C3 Baits Shimmy combo. 4-1/2″ curl tail RoboWorms in purple smoke are also a solid choice. The water is in great shape and there are plenty of weeds. The bass are keying on small shad and bass fry and there is a topwater bite if you get out early and head for the North end weeds. Not a lot of pressure during the weekdays and those in the know remain tight-lipped.

Jim – 661 Fishing

Castaic Lake Conditions

Water Temp Surface


Water Temp Bottom at 20’


Water Clarity


Medium algae bloom


Water Level

Full Pool and holding