Castaic Lake Fishing

Largemouth Bass:
The lake continues to rise at a rapid rate and is just a few feet from full pool. This seems to have kept the Bass from moving up shallow for the time being. Our best action continues to be in 10-25’ of water in the Fish Arm of the lake. Main lake and secondary points are holding good numbers of bass with the shoreline zone currently being used by the smaller males. The fish being caught from deeper water are very cold to the touch as the lake has yet to stratify. Bottom water temps are up to 10-15 degrees cooler than the surface temp. The 5” Senko in green pumpkin and watermelon color variations have been getting the most play in the morning hours. Once the sun gets up the fish are heading to the deeper shoals and rocks. The dropshot rigged with a C3 Baits Ice Pick in the Captain’s Magic or Neptune Shad colors are getting quality bites. The mainstay RoboWorms in any of the purple variations will also work well.

Striped Bass:
Striper fishing is improving daily as the water temps rise and the bait schools move up into depths we can target. The best technique continues to be the trolled KastMaster and Scrounger heads with Keitech Fat Swing Impact 3.8” swimbaits at 30-50’ on leadcore line set-ups. The best action has been in the first few hours of the day. Look for this bite to keep improving as the lake keeps warming in the coming weeks.

Castaic Lake Conditions

Water Temp Surface


Water Temp Bottom at 20’

54° – 58°

Water Clarity

5′ – 20′ 

Water Level

Rising – 5′ Below Full Pool