Largemouth Bass:

A National Bass West tournament was held yesterday with a field of 22 teams. There were quite a few fish caught but not all of them met the minimum 15″ length requirement. The winning 5-Bass limit of 14.55 (Bill Siemantel & Ron Thompson) was caught on a splitshot rig with a 4″ Roboworm fished in as little as 2′ of water on mud lines over points. Other catches were made as deep as 35′ as the fish are spread out thru the water column. Dropshots with Roboworms and reapers in oxblood/red flake and Cinnamon colors dominated the deeper bite. The big fish of the tournament at over 8 pounds was caught on a crankbait that was snagged then popped free. The surface water temp is 55 degrees with very good clarity and visibility. The jig bite is still developing as water temps continue to decline. 

Striped Bass:

The trolling bite continues its slow but steady pace in 25′ to 50′ of water utilizing the Fly-coring technique with Producer flies. The bulk of the school-sized fish remain in deeper water and are harder to target. There are small windows of activity, mostly on ovcercast days, where we are putting a few fish in the boat. This bite will only improve as the weeks roll by. Not much is happening on the swimbait front lately but the lake is scheduled for a Trout plant this week which can only help.

Castaic Afterbay:

Quality Crappie and Bass are still being caught at a fair clip with ice jigs and spoons worked in deep water up to 60′. This bite is no longer a secret though and there is a small crowd on the weekends. Try to fish this small body of water mid-week if possible for better results. We are no longer fishing here as the Bass that are caught below 40′ are coming up with bulging eyes and air bladders and are difficult to release without deflating them first. If you are going to fish here please come equipped with a proper deflation needle and learn how to use it before catching any fish. Water temp is colder here, holding at 50° and super-clear.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 25′:


Water Clarity:

20′ visibility. Clear 

Water Level:

25′ down and holding

Jim – 661 Fishing