Hello from sunny Lake El Salto in Sinaloa, Mexico!

I am on my annual trip and will be unable to provide my usual Castaic Lake Report. Those who know me are aware that I only fish a few days a year on our local lakes as full time guiding keeps me pretty busy. Lake El Salto is where I go to get my fishing in. Tying up 20lb test line on 5/0 – 10/0 hooks with a 7-1/2′ heavy action rod is quite a departure from the finesse fishing we do at home.

This time of year agriculture demands have this lake at lower water levels, which congregates the fish onto the deeper structures. Every bait you tie on is bigger here with magnum Lucky Craft SKT120 crankbaits and 7-8″ soft swimbaits like the Scottsboro’s or Megabass Magdrafts, rigged on 10/0 Owner Beast hooks being standard fare. 10-13″ Texas-rigged worms and 8″ Zoom lizards along with 7″ Senkos work all season here as well as big topwater baits like the Lucky Craft Sammy 198 and the Megabass Megadog.

As I have done since my very first trip here in 2000, I am staying at Billy Chapman Jr’s Anglers Inn, a beautiful lodge right on the El Salto shoreline. First class accomodations and service are right on par with the fishing. I have made many friends down here over the years and consider them family. Ramon and Sammy at the lodge and my long-time guide Loreto are absolutely the best at what they do.


I will be posting photos of my Grande Lobinas (big bass) in the coming days on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Stay tuned!

Jim – www.661Fishing.com