Castaic Lake Report 12-11-2022

Largemouth Bass:

Bass fishing remains slow overall, however there are some opportunities during the warmest period of the day. The Bass are still migrating to secondary and main lake points but have yet to settle into a predictable Winter pattern. The water is still relatively warm for this time of year, most likely the effect of slower than normal turnover due to the low water level. Small jigging spoons and Ice Jigs will get a few bites as well as small paddletail swimbaits on a light jighead or dropshot rig. Finesse sized jigs, Ned rigs and creature baits in green pumpkin hues are getting a few grabs in the deeper water. The fish are anywhere from five to thirty feet deep. The Ski Arm continues to have the cleaner water.

Striped Bass:

Another series of Trout plants went in during the week but as of yet the bigger fish are still hanging in the deeper water around the main basin/marina area. This is most likely due to the Trout seeking the cooler water as the surface is still hovering around sixty degrees. Anglers putting in the time with topwater baits like Lunker Punkers and Lucky Craft Sammy 198’s are getting a few fish to come up, but slow sinking swimbaits and glide baits are probably a better choice for now. 

The bait bite at the forebay buoy line and Necktie Canyon is pretty consistent on one to three pound fish, with cut sardines still the best bait offering. Trolling is productive but not yet wide open with Alabama rigs, large KastMasters and trolling flies getting anglers into some quality fish. The general area in the middle of the Ski Arm is a good place to start with most of the fish holding in the thirty foot zone and deeper.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 58-60 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Jim –