Castaic Lake Report 11-27-2022

Largemouth Bass:

After a lost week due to high North winds, we were able to get out this week and found that not much had changed on the Bass fishing front. The fish are still moving to the main lake points and deeper rock structure where they will set up and ambush baitfish for the Winter. Small 1/8 to 1/4 ounce silver KastMaster spoons or a  2.8 size paddletail swimbait on a light jighead will get a few bites from the active fish during some relatively short windows of time. If you’re not getting bit, keep moving until you intercept the roving schools of Bass. For the deeper fish try a small finesse style jig with a small craw trailer. Dropshot rigs with oxblood colored baits will also get a few grabs.

Striped Bass:

Another Trout plant went in before the holiday and the bigger fish are becoming active and are starting to bite topwater baits like Lunker Punkers and Lucky Craft Sammy 128’s. 8″ Huddleston Trout and Deps glidebaits have been best for the sub-surface approach. The bait bite at the forebay buoy line and Necktie Canyon has been getting pretty consistent on one to three pound fish. The trolling bite is also picking up although the bulk of the fish are not schooled up yet. Alabama rigs with pearl white swimbaits, KastMasters and trolling flies will all work if you put the time in to find the bulk of the fish.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 60 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Jim –