Castaic Lake Report 11-06-2022

Largemouth Bass:

High winds early in the week had the lake closed and it didn’t get fishable til late in the week. The Ski Arm has the cleaner water and the best areas were the rocky stretches leading out of the coves into the main lake. The Bass are still scattered everywhere from five to thirty feet deep, making them hard to target for now. They are not holding on any particular spots, but chasing baitfish schools around the lake. Best bet is to keep moving from spot to spot until you intercept them. There are still some Shad and Silverside minnows in a few spots, so the live bait fishing continues for now. Otherwise, dropshot and Carolina rigs along with Yamamoto Hula Grubs, Fat Ika’s and finesse sized jigs are getting bit by Bass averaging one to three pounds. Smallmouth are starting to show with more frequency as the water continues to cool.

Striped Bass:

Surface boils are scarce but still available if you’re in the right place at the right time. Stripers in the two to six pound range are chasing Shad schools around the entrances to the bigger coves on the East side of the Fish Arm, and can be caught on just about any walking bait, small swimbait or KastMaster. The bait bite at the buoy line at the end of the Ski Arm is hit and miss lately and seems to change with wind direction and the occasional inflow of water from the Forebay.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 65 to 69 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Jim –