Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing is definitely seeing the fall transition in effect as the schools of open water fish are starting to move into the big cove mouths and creek arms. While the backs of these areas are holding mostly small fish, there is a decent bite on main lake and secondary points, especially early and late in the day. Surface poppers, walking baits, fly-lined Flukes and small swimbaits are all good options as the Bass feed on the big schools of Shad. The entrance to Dry Gulch and Elizabeth Canyon are good areas to try. There continues to be a lot of fish offshore, chasing small Shad and Silverside minnows in the main basins. Once the sun gets on the water, finesse plastics are pretty much the best option with the dropshot and Ned rig producing quality bites. 

Striped Bass:

Quality sized Stripers to eight pounds continue to feed heavily and aggressively on Shad throughout the day. The boils are only happening for about 30 seconds making luck a prime resource as the fish have to pop up within casting distance to have a chance. Producer flies, KastMasters and small swimbaits are putting fish on the deck trolling at 15′ to 30′ when the fish aren’t busting the surface. The Stripers are pretty much spread out all over the main lake from the forebay buoy line all the way around to Old S.S. cove in the fish arm. Look for birds and boats in the middle of the lake and you’ll find the schools. There has been some solid boils in the last hour of the day by the forebay but be prepared to get kicked out just as the bite gets going strong and the lake is closing. This can be a frustrating time of year so learning patience is as good as any technique.

Castaic Afterbay:

Finesse plastics and light line continue to be the mainstay here. The deep weed edges remain the best areas to target and the C3 Baits Shimmy continues to be the hot bait. HuddleBugs, jigs and small crawdad imitations will get quality bites as well. The bite for small Bluegill remains steady for anglers fishing meal worms and red worms around the weed beds. 

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

10′ to 15′ visibility.

Mainly clear. Light algae.

Water Level:

Down 9 feet

Jim – 661 Fishing