Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing remains good on fish averaging one to three pounds, with a few “kickers” mixed in. Wacky rigged 5″ Senko’s and dropshot rigs along with light-line Carolina rigs continue to dominate the presentations. The topwater bite is hit and miss depending on the day and boat traffic. Small walking baits, poppers and flukes are the best bet when the fish are visibly feeding. Still lots of fishing pressure and recreational boat traffic with the Pyramid Lake closure extended until the 24th. Shad are available one day and then gone for a week.

Striped Bass:

The overall bite remained slow this week with mostly small Stripers being caught. Many theories are circulating as to why the bigger fish have shut off. My contention is that as the lake level has lowered the bigger fish have started feeding on the Bluegill and bigger Shad that have remained deep along the shoreline, probably early and late when the lake is closed. The fish are there, mostly sitting on the thermocline at forty to fifty feet, wasting the day away.

Castaic Afterbay:

The deep weed edge along the Eastern shore continues to hold the bulk of the biters although the inside weed edge is starting to come alive with the cooler nighttime temps. Flukes fished on the inside grass line early in the day are producing quality bites while the tried and true Carolina rigged finesse plastics are dominating the overall action.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Clarity:

5′ to 10′ visibility. Light algae bloom in some areas.

Water Level:

Down approximately 140′ and falling steadily

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