Castaic Lake Report 09-18-2022

Largemouth Bass:

Rising water, aerial algae treatment and a big flash flood affected fishing mid-week. The Fish Arm is full of debris ranging from nearly full size trees to sawdust. Fishing with live Shad continues to be the best technique with big numbers of Largemouth Bass and a few Striped Bass mixed in. Topwater walking baits like Lucky Craft Sammy 100’s, small Zoom Flukes, Dropshots and Carolina rigs are also working for those fishing with artificials. We are concentrating our efforts in the bigger coves on the East side of the Ski Arm along with the area between Kong Island and Necktie Canyon (Ski Cove). The bite seems to happen a little later each day as the bulk of the fish wait til the sun lights up the bait schools, making them easier to see and eat.

Striped Bass:

Continued surface action on the one to three pound “schoolies” as they are hammering Shad schools in big numbers. Most of the action is in the Ski Arm. The area between Kong Island and Necktie Canyon (Ski Cove) is a good place to start. Small walking baits and poppers with a feathered treble on the rear along with the Tiny Fluke/water bubble rig will get you into lots of action. We are still seeing the occasional bigger Stripers on live Shad while Bass fishing. Cooling surface water in the weeks to come should bring the bigs shallow enough to target.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 78 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Jim –