Castaic Lake Report 08-06-2023

Largemouth Bass:

We’re starting to see the Bass come shallow, chasing the Shad as they grow with the algae blooms (Shad food). There are “wolfpacks” of ten or more fish roaming the open water. They are difficult to fool as they are really keyed in on the live Shad. Otherwise, the usual finesse plastics fished in the ten to twenty foot zone will get a few bites. Bluegills are becoming more prevalant in the backs of the major coves on mini jigs and mealworms. Target green bushes that are in the water and provide shade.

Striped Bass:

Stripers continue to boil on Shad in the main lake, the mouths of coves and around Elizabeth Canyon in the first three hours of the day and again in the late afternoon when its windy. The water-filled bobber with a two to three foot leader of six pound test and a small hair jig like the Spro Phat fly or Zoom Tiny Fluke will get bit every time. Trolling with Yak flies on 3 to 4 colors of lead core line is getting the attention of some bigger fish in the five pound range. As the Shad get bigger, traditional topwater baits like the smaller Lucky Craft Gunfish 100 and the Zoom Super Fluke Jr’s are coming into play. Use a white feathered treble hook on the hardbaits to “match the hatch” of the small baitfish.

Lake Conditions:

Water clarity – 5′ to 10′ in most areas

Light algae bloom

Surface temp – 80 to 83 degrees  

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