Castaic Lake Report 07-24-2022


Largemouth Bass:

Another good week of Bass fishing was on tap for anglers braving triple-digit heat and recreational boat traffic. 5″ wacky-rigged Senkos, Dropshot and Carolina rigged C3 Baits Shimmys and Roboworms were on the menu for Largemouth averaging one to three pounds. Topwater fishing in the morning is getting better by the day on smaller Lucky Craft Gunfish and Sammys, weightless Fluke Jr.’s and Jackall Riser Bait 007’s fished along the rocky shorelines and main lake points. The best color for the Senko continues to be Natural Shad and just about any of the popular colors in the finesse plastics are working as well. Stick with Shad colors on the topwater baits, whites and greens. Adding a white feathered treble hook to the back of the bait will increase bites as well. Small Shad are starting to go shallow with the algae blooms, which should keep the topwater bite on thru the Fall.

Striped Bass:

Good surface action on smaller fish, with some bigger models mixed in. The schools that are in the coves have the bigger fish than the ones in the main lake and are more likely to bite normal sized lures, whereas the smaller fish are keyed in on micro Shad which are hard to match size-wise. The same lures used for the Bass are working on the Stripers as well.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 80 – 83 degrees

Water clarity 5′ to 15′ in most areas

Minor algae bloom 

Jim –