Castaic Lake Report 07-23-2023

Largemouth Bass:

The smaller Bass are starting to become more active with all of the small Shad in seemingly every part of the lake. The Shad spawn this year was nothing short of epic with literally millions of one inchers being chased by the Bass and Stripers. There has been a small window of topwater action early in the day, otherwise, the usual finesse plastics are getting bit in the ten to twenty foot zone. Bigger models are still hard to come by. Some decent sized Bluegills have started setting up in the bushes in the backs of the major coves providing good action for youngsters fishing mini jigs and mealworms.

Striped Bass:

Big schools of smaller Stripers have been boiling on Shad mostly in the main lake and adjacent coves in the first two to three hours of the day and again in the afternoon when its windy. Most anglers are fishing the water-filled slip bobber with a short leader of six pound test. This enables the angler to make long casts with a small lure on the business end of the rig. Small hair jigs and Zoom Tiny Flukes will get bit along with what has become a Castaic Lake staple, the Porter’s Magic dropshot bait from Bait Merchant. Trolling with Yak flies on lead core line is a great way to add some of the bigger fish to your count. The small coves around Kong Island in the Ski Arm and Hawk’s Nest cove in the Fish Arm are good places to begin the search.

Lake Conditions:

Water clarity – 5 to 10′ in most areas

Surface temp – 77 to 80 degrees  

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