Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

As the water level continues to fall, the Bass bite is going strong with good numbers of fish to five pounds on main-lake points and bluffs, especially those with adjacent deep water. Dropshot rigs, Senkos, and light-line Carolina rigs are all getting bit, as well as smaller football jigs. There is some topwater action available for anglers getting out early and concentrating on the secondary bluffs and main-lake points. Prop baits, poppers and small walking baits are all getting quality bites. Netting Shad for bait is most likely off the table until the lake level stabilizes sometime in the early Fall.

Striped Bass:

Fly-coring with Yak flies, Shad flies and umbrella rigs in the twenty to fifty foot depth zone remains the best way to catch Stripers from one to nine pounds. The main basin of the Fish Arm and the area around the island in the Ski Arm are all holding good sized schools. The bigger fish seem to be a little deeper than the schools of small ones. There is plenty of surface action on the 12″ Stripers as they hammer the micro baitfish, but nothing of any size as the bulk of the bigger baitfish schools remain deep.

Castaic Afterbay:

The great Bass fishing continues early and late here. Having wind on the water seems to help the bite, especially when fishing shallower than ten feet. C3 Baits Shimmy’s on a 6lb test Carolina rig remains the best presentation and will continue to be number one until someone develops something better. LMK. Flukes and Senkos are also getting some play fished along the weed edges or thrown into the holes in the weeds. Topwater anglers are using white buzzbaits, frogs and flukes around the weed edges as well. 

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Clarity:

5′ to 15′ visibility. Lightly stained.

Water Level:

Down 80′ and falling steadily

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