Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass:

Bass fishing continues it’s transition to the Summer pattern as most fish are heading to deep water structure. Look for fish on the same secondary points and main points they used on the way in to spawn in the Spring. The 15′ to 35′ zone is producing the biggest fish as they are usually the first to spawn, recover and transition. Ned rigs, Carolina rigs and weighted Senko’s will all produce. There is an improving topwater bite in the morning as the fish feed on Shad in the low light period before heading deep. We are primarily fishing live Shad every day, leading to some awesome surface attacks and double hookups.

Striped Bass:

Timing is the key here as the feeding windows tend to rely upon wind and current to condense the baitfish schools and subsequently the Stripers. Trolling with the fly-coring/Producer Fly technique is the best way to cover water and find the schools of biters. The bigger Stripers are making random appearances, yet are somewhat elusive. This bite is improving daily and should be consistent in the near future. Not many surface boils, just a few small ones at first light, mostly smaller fish.

Castaic Afterbay:

Bass fishing numbers are down as most of the fish are heading to deeper water however there are still lots of quality fish being caught. The finesse Carolina rig and Ned rig are still getting bit. C3 Baits Shimmys in Neptune Shad are the mainstay employed on light line. Bluegill are around the developing weed beds in the North end and can be caught on meal worms or red worms. 

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

70° – 76°

Water Temp at 20′:


Water Clarity:

10′ – 20′ visibility.

Mainly clear

Water Level:

4′ down

Jim – 661 Fishing