Castaic Lake Report 06-19-2022

Largemouth Bass:

The Bass bite has improved after a May spawn and what looks like the lake level finally stabilizing. There is a topwater bite on white buzzbaits, Flukes and Lucky Craft Sammy’s at first light and late morning when the wind starts to blow. Target any coves that still have sticks in the pockets or wind blowing directly into them. 5″ Senkos in Natural Shad or Green Pumpkin cast tight to bluff walls and Carolina rigged C3 Baits Shimmys in Neptune Shad or watermelon Candy dragged in the ten to twenty foot zone are producing fish averaging one to three pounds with a few larger fish mixed in. Most of the fish have begun the migration back to the main lake points and rocks.

Striped Bass:

Most of the fish are being caught in the bigger coves while Bass fishing. Buzzbaits are accounting for a few fish in the shallow pockets. Three to four inch Keitech swimbaits in the Electric Shad pattern have also been effective. There is a decent bait bite in ten to fifty feet of water for those anchoring up with cut Sardines, with most fish ranging in size from one to three pounds. Trolling with Yak flies or umbrella rigs has improved as the better grade of fish begin chasing Shad in open water. There have been a few boils, a direct result of the stabilizing water levels. This should improve as the Summer rolls on.

Castaic Lagoon:

Fishing has dwindled here for the most part as the weeds grow taller and the summer activity level rises. 

Water conditions – Upper Lake:

Surface temp 72 degrees

Water clarity to 10′ in the Ski Arm, the Fish arm is stained with clarity from 2-5′

Jim –