Castaic Lake Report 06-12-2022

Largemouth Bass:

The Bass bite has been pretty decent despite continued falling water levels of a few feet per week. Most of the fish have pulled out of the shrinking coves and are making their way back to secondary and main lake points and bluffs. There are a lot of Shad around and the Bass are following them. There is a topwater bite, mostly on white buzzbaits and weightless 4″ Flukes in the morning and later when the wind blows. After that, 5″ Senkos on the bluff walls and Carolina rigged C3 Baits Shimmys dragged in the ten to twenty foot zone are producing fish averaging one to three pounds.

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are spread out around the lake and can be difficult to find at times. Most of the action has been at the entrance to the bigger coves that have wind blowing into them. There is a solid bait bite in ten to fifty feet of water for those anchoring up with Sardines, with fish ranging in size from one to eight pounds. There is a decent trolling bite with Yak flies or umbrella rigs in the same areas.

Castaic Lagoon:

Fishing has dwindled here for the most part as the weeds grow taller and the summer activity level rises. Dragging C3 Shimmy’s around the outside weed edge will get some grabs along with Flukes thrown around the weed pockets. Getting out early before the sun gets high will be to your advantage as the fish tend to bury themselves in the weeds during the day.

Water conditions – Upper Lake:

Surface temp 72 degrees

Clarity to 10′ in the Ski Arm, Fish arm is stained with clarity from 2-5′

Jim –