Largemouth Bass:

Not much of a change as a water drop of five feet early in the week saw most of the Bass retreat from the diminishing shoreline flats and head to the safety of deeper water. An upcoming full moon tomorrow might see a spawning migration, but it could be another two weeks at this point. Some Bass have spawned and have starting roaming the coves following bait fish. There has been a bit of a reaction bite for these fish with crankbaits, underspins and Flukes all getting some attention, mostly in the morning. 5″ Senkos, drop shots and Carolina rigs with just about any small finesse plastics have also been effective. 

Striped Bass:

Trolling with Flukes or Yak Flies on leadcore line has been productive in the ten to thirty foot zone. There are schools of fish following Shad into the bigger coves that have wind blowing into them. Most of the Stripers are in the one to three pound class but there are some bigger fish to ten pounds available if you put in the time. The deep water bait bite has dwindled as the Shad have gotten into the shallower water and easy to feed on.


Good Bass fishing continues here with most fish running in the one to four pound class. There is an afternoon reaction bite when the wind moves the Shad schools around. Small swimbaits and flukes are getting bit by some quality fish to four pounds. Otherwise, drop shot and Carolina rigs are producing in the ten to twenty foot zone on the outside of the weed line with the usual finesse plastics. 

Water conditions:

Surface temp: 64 – 69 degrees

Good clarity to 15′ in the Ski Arm

Stained water in the Fish Arm

Jim –