Largemouth Bass:

Bass are still in the pre-spawn mode but water fluctuations over the past week are making it tough for them to commit to the shallow areas. The bigger females are still on the break lines and dropoffs in the ten to twenty foot zone, mostly on rocky flats and secondary points leading into the backs of coves. Green Pumpkin Senkos, drop shots and Carolina rigs with just about any small finesse plastics have been effective. The upcoming full moon and some stable weather should help the overall bite improve in the coming days and weeks.

Striped Bass:

Anglers bait fishing in deeper water with cut Sardines are seeing Stripers to ten pounds, with a lot of smaller ones making up most of the fish count. It’s a numbers game right now and if you stay with it and weed thru the little ones, you are likely to connect with one of the bigger models. Trolling with Yak Flies on leadcore line is productive if you can find the fish that are following Shad schools into the bigger coves. The best areas are changing with the wind direction. Look for the bigger coves that have wind blowing into them.


Bass fishing for numbers and size has been good with most fish running in the one to four pound class. The afternoon bite seems to be stronger than the morning after the wind condenses the Shad schools into the shallow end of the lake. Drop shot and Carolina rigs are producing in the ten to twenty foot zone on the outside of the weed line with the usual finesse plastics. There has been a developing reaction bite on small swimbaits and flukes in the afternoon as some better quality fish are feeding on the Shad.

Water conditions:

Surface temp: 64 – 69 degrees

Good clarity to 15′ with a light algae bloom 

Jim –