Largemouth Bass:

Bass are in different stages of the spawn with a few fish seen on beds, though most of the bigger females are still on the break lines and dropoffs in the ten to twenty foot zone. Rocky secondary points and transition areas leading into the backs of coves are holding lots of fish. Ten to twenty fish days are possible. Green Pumpkin and Watermelon 5″ Senkos, Carolina rigs with any of the Neptune Shad C3 Baits and dropshots with just about any finesse plastics have been effective. 

Striped Bass:

Bait fishing in ten to seventy feet of water with cut Sardines is still the name of the game for the “bait & wait” crowd, with the forebay buoy line the main hotspot. Smaller one pounders make up most of the fish count but there have been a few larger fish to seven pounds landed. Trolling with Yak Flies on leadcore line is starting to produce again as the fish are mostly done spawning and are starting to follow Shad schools into some of the bigger coves. Look for the overall bite to explode in the coming weeks. This should be an outstanding year for quality Stripers.


Solid Bass fishing for numbers and size with most fish running in the one to three pound class. Drop shot and Carolina rigs are producing good numbers in the ten to twenty foot zone with the usual finesse plastics. The bite is good all over the lake as the second wave of fish are getting ready for the upcoming full moon spawn.

Water conditions:

Surface temp: 63 degrees

Water temp at 20′ is 58 degrees

Good clarity to 15′ with a light algae bloom 

Jim –